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The unethical side of the ethics committee

If you ever were involved in research on human subjects or animals, you know about the giant hurdle you have to jump. While funding, performing the experiments, evaluating the data and publication might be difficult and time consuming, the greatest … Continue reading

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MMR scare – what’s the harm?

Today’s NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) had another report on the increase of measles in Switzerland. Since December 445 Cases of measles were reported in Switzerland, mainly in the regions of Geneva (173 cases), Vaud (93 cases) and Basle (62 cases). … Continue reading

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Despite her experience the patient is still consulting her homeopath

The April issue of the German Radiology Journal RöFo had another nice example of the consequences of homeopathy. As the article is behind a pay wall, I will try to summarize the main findings. A 40 year old woman presented … Continue reading

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