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Why college might not be the best idea – at least not for everyone

Recently this video appeared in the iTunes feed of TED talks, and everybody seems to be impressed by the novel approach of studio schooling. The idea, that you can improve schooling with a hands-on approach and much more practical training … Continue reading

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A thread for the future – not only for fashion aficionados

I just watched this TED talk by Fiorenzo Omenetto about the amazing qualities of silk: Especially the section where he talked about timed degradation of the material made me think. If this works out as presented (and basic research always … Continue reading

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Be scared of online filter bubbles

Yesterday I found one of those excellent talks in my podcast-feed by TED. Eli Pariser impressed us (or at least me) by presenting the ways that google and facebook among others might hide reality from us. Even if they just … Continue reading

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