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An optimist talks about the future

Mark Stevenson is a clever and funny man, so he became a comedian. But he is also a curious man with an open mind and a positive attitude towards new things, and so he toured the world and wrote a … Continue reading

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Selfish reasons to have more kids

Last week I finished reading Bryan Caplan‘s new book “selfish reasons to have more kids” right in time before Russ Roberts discussed the book in this week’s econtalk. Caplan takes a skeptical look at the tendency of today’s parents to … Continue reading

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Despite her experience the patient is still consulting her homeopath

The April issue of the German Radiology Journal RöFo had another nice example of the consequences of homeopathy. As the article is behind a pay wall, I will try to summarize the main findings. A 40 year old woman presented … Continue reading

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Why you should publish the repeat studies of Bem

The new scientist informed us today that the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology rejected a paper by Richard Wiseman, Chris French and Stuart Ritchie. They did what every decent researcher in the field should do, when they heard about … Continue reading

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