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The unethical side of the ethics committee

If you ever were involved in research on human subjects or animals, you know about the giant hurdle you have to jump. While funding, performing the experiments, evaluating the data and publication might be difficult and time consuming, the greatest … Continue reading

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Why college might not be the best idea – at least not for everyone

Recently this video appeared in the iTunes feed of TED talks, and everybody seems to be impressed by the novel approach of studio schooling. The idea, that you can improve schooling with a hands-on approach and much more practical training … Continue reading

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Riot Clean Up – an emergent phenomenon

It is only a small step from order to chaos in an unstable society, and I will not comment on the proximate causes of the UK riots (even if I have some thoughts on the ultimate cause) as the difference … Continue reading

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Geek nation

Angela Saini is an excellent writer, a charming talk show guest (listen to her here and here) and the author of the new book “Geek nation”. I will not delve deep into the content – just go and get it … Continue reading

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An optimist talks about the future

Mark Stevenson is a clever and funny man, so he became a comedian. But he is also a curious man with an open mind and a positive attitude towards new things, and so he toured the world and wrote a … Continue reading

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Adam Curtis and Ayn Rand

The simultaneous appearance on Derren Brown’s Svengali blog and in the new little atoms podcast raised my interest in the new documentary series by Adam Curtis on BBC 2 „All watched over by machines of loving grace, love and power“. … Continue reading

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MMR scare – what’s the harm?

Today’s NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) had another report on the increase of measles in Switzerland. Since December 445 Cases of measles were reported in Switzerland, mainly in the regions of Geneva (173 cases), Vaud (93 cases) and Basle (62 cases). … Continue reading

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