MMR scare – what’s the harm?

Today’s NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) had another report on the increase of measles in Switzerland. Since December 445 Cases of measles were reported in Switzerland, mainly in the regions of Geneva (173 cases), Vaud (93 cases) and Basle (62 cases). In April alone there were infected.
Especially in Basle, the outbreak occurred in a group of vaccination deniers. These were mainly parents with children at the anthroposophic Rudolf-Steiner school as well as attendants of a sermon by Ivo Sasek, a preacher who regularily condemns vaccinations.
To get to the core of the problem: 87% of adults that were infected refused to get vaccinated, 7% only had insufficient vaccination.

And what’s the harm? 32 patients had to be hospitalized, 18 had an additional pneumonia.

So up to now nobody has been killed yet – but if the anti-vaccination crowd continues to grow, it is only a question of time.


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