The Shadow-man – from Goebbels to Carlos

Last week I’ve been reading “Der Schattenmann” (the shadow-man) by Willi Winkler, a really scary book about François Genoud.
He was a lifelong admirer of Adolf Hitler and took care that the heirs of Martin Bormann and Josef Goebbels would profit from their writings – if you want to cite something by Goebbels in Germany today, you still have to pay royalties. He also used his money to support the defence of Adolf Eichmann during his trial in Jerusalem, as well as in the trial of Klaus Barbie in Lyon.

But as a strong supporter of socialist revolutionaries (one must always remember that Hitler called himself a national – socialist and considered his party to be a revolutionary movement) he also send money to causes one would not at first suspect: in the early years after the war, he supported the revolution and independence of Algeria from France, and later the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, especially Wadie Haddad. According to the book, he sent money to the terrorists of the massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, he supported Carlos and he supported many more terrorist groups in the middle east – with money from royalties from the Nazi leaders.

If you understand enough German, this is an excellent read and it is sad, that no English edition is available.


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