Despite her experience the patient is still consulting her homeopath

The April issue of the German Radiology Journal RöFo had another nice example of the consequences of homeopathy. As the article is behind a pay wall, I will try to summarize the main findings.

A 40 year old woman presented a the emergency department with constipation and abdominal fullness. She admitted, that she had issues with bowel movement and an enlarging belly over the last 6 month. Since the onset of her complaints, she had repeatedly consulted a homeopath who initially attributed her symptoms to stress and prescribed silicon dioxide (Silica D30), which, however, did not resolve the issue [I wonder why]. She presented to the emergency department only because she was urged by her 16-year-old son, who was worried about her symptoms and pregnancy-like appearance.
In the end they found a 35cm large, poorly differentiated cystadenocarcinoma (a malignant cystic tumour) of the ovary. By sheer luck, the patient did not have metastases yet and is still alive after two more years.
“The patient is greatly appreciative of the conventional medical treatment received for her ovarian tumour but she could not be convinced to consider changing her homeopath”

So either the patient is by far more stupid than her son, or she is desperately trying to win a Darwin-award. In either case – what’s the harm?


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